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The Fur Essentials

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Rescuing cats and dogs in need is hard work... they need to eat, and often there are so many medical bills that need to be covered.

Support our crowdfunding campaign for 2021, where we aim to feed as many animals as possible, and to help raise funds to cover those ever growing vet bills.

Food raised will be delivered directly to your nominated charities, and monies for vet bills will be paid over to them, every month on our Facebook page we will share our progress with you on how much we have raised, and our SuPawters will be personally thanked.

Follow our Facebook page for updates:

Our nominated charities:

Greyhound Welfare SA -

Love-A-Bull SA -

Kempton Park Feral Felines -

Trix for Animals -

 Sponsorship options:

For the love of the cats:

Feed a cat for a day: R10 is what it costs to feed one hungry, homeless cat every day

Feed a cat for a month: Our Cats love their Ideal cat kibbles, this is the price to sponsor a bag of food that will feed a cat for a month.

Sponsor a bottom feeder: An amazing manifacturer of these bottom feeders is allowing us to purchase these at cost! These feeders make the lives of our feral cats so much easier. Often they have to fight off local dogs, and even doves and hadedas to get a little food, these bottom feeders help to make sure that only the local feral cats are getting to enjoy the food put out for them.

The Heart of a Pitty:

Sponsor enough food to feed a Pitty at Love-A-Bull for a day... or a month, or donate towards their vet bills.

Greyhounds are good boys (and girls):

Help feed a hound for a day, or a month, or make a donation towards the vet bills for Greyhound Welfare SA

 Trix for Animals

Vet bills are their greatest challenge, working day and night to assist all animals in need, make a dontation to help them help the voiceless.

Or you can donate a bag of Montego to assist the many dogs she works with and looks after while searching for the perfect fur-ever home for them.