Beauty under quarantine

Let's face it, the world may have taken a turn for the strange in 2020, with most countries in some kind of lockdown or quarantine, we find our lives turned a little upside down.

As we navigate our way through the changes, and what will be our lives for the foreseeable future, we also grasp for some kind of normalcy.  But with everything going on, and dealing with the consequences of COVID-19, why should we be worrying about our appearance?

The level of stress we are facing is also taking a toll on a lot of us, and for some of us, our confidence and how we feel about ourselves has taken a significant dip. One of the top recommended ways to help to boost your mood, is by boosting your look. So even if you are stuck at home alone with nobody to see you in all your glory, get up, get dressed and get ready for the day. This simple process may be just what you need to help you to get through this current crisis.

Here are our top 5 recommended products to help you to create a quick and easy morning routine, to look and more importantly, feel fabulous.

1. PolyGel Nails

Do you miss going for that perfect manicure? Our hands are the one part of our body that we see the most. They after all, spend a large part of the day in front of us doing something. Looking and feeling good can be hugely affected by how our hands look.

This new technology makes creating the perfect nails quick and easy.  For those of you who are just beginning, we have the ultimate beginner kit, with everything you need to get you started.

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 2. AirWand Hair Curler

Lockdown hair got you down? Need to look salon fresh for your video chats and online meetings? Here's just the solution you need, and the ceramic heat technology helps to condition your hair and make it shine.

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3. Magnetic eyelash kits

Magnetic eyeliners with eyelashes are taking off because they are the quickest and easiest way to apply false eyelashes, for that thicker, fuller lash look. Influencers and beauty experts around the world are trying them and falling in love with them. Add these to your beauty repertoire for eyes that really "pop". And it really is an easy cheat for looking great on video chats.

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4. Satin Bonnets

 Satin bonnets are a really great way to help to protect your hair. Not only is the soft satin gentle on your hair, but it helps to maintain your natural oils for extra shine and conditioning and protects against unnecessary damage.

We are taking this tip from Liz Taylor's "book", and using satin hair bonnets as a beauty cheat to cover up grey roots when there is no hair dye to be found.




5. The Beardo Kit

Of course we can't forget about the guys... we know that the men in our lives love to look good and feel great too. Our beard care kits are just the thing to help them to do just that.

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